Friday, March 22, 2013

This Has Gotta be The Good Life

March 22, 2013

The evening sun cast its golden light across the fields. Davis and Shep sat on a stack of  freshly baled pile of hay and just stared off into the towards the mountains. The summer was over and school was going to start again. Davis was going to Mines and Shep to Alamosa.
"I didn't know this was going to be where I met you." Shep said.
"Me either."
"I just came to see if I could pay for School."
"Me too."
"That and learn about farming."
"True." Davis leaned back his unbuttoned shirt falling open.
"I mean, I didn't want to but wow it was tough."
Davis gave a chuckle, "You were a wuss."
Shep looked over his shoulder to see the strong features smiling back at him. He looked forward again trying not to blush.
Davis moved his hand so their pinky fingers could entwine. The tear came unhindered leaving a line on Shep's face. They sat there for a while. pinky's rubbed on each other.
A car went by both their heads watched it shrink in the distance.
"Shep, Come here." He pulled Shep closer.
"But the crew, the workers."
"Screw them." He said and made room for Shep to lay in the crook of his arm. Shep's heart started to beat faster. They watched another car go by. The rythem of Davis' heart adding to the shhh of the car tires. Another tear fell.
"Hey, why the tears."
"I'm, this is nice, I'm so happy, I don't want it to end."
"The fear, the need to hide. We've not even been closer than this."
Shep shifted. It had been tough even this was dangerous. He could understand why ending it would be good. He sat up, bracing himself, might as well end it.
"What did I say?" Davis asked.
"You said you wanted to end it. It's a good Idea. Let's do it now, I've never been in love before so I don't want to drag this out."
Davis laughed, "Love?"
"Yes." Shep's voice quivered who is this ass, "of course I fell in love. Look at you. You're as hot as you, and nice. how was I not to"
"I..." He sat up and pulled Shep to him. Shep tried to resist but Davis pulled him in. Shep lost all strength. "You idiot. I think you are amazing."
Shep pulled away. "Why, You just called me a wuss"
"Yeah, that's was is so amazing. You came in and didn't give up. You came up to me and talked. You risked the first touch, and if it wasn't for me we would have had some of the best nights in our lives. Love? I never considered it because I've never been in love before either. Look at me, Apparently I'm hot. I don't see it but it's been one cheap night after the other. I've dated but just for the fuck. Damn you"
Davis pushed Shep down and straddled him and pinning him to the hay. He kissed him. he started to rub on Shep.
"Then why do you want to end it?" When Davis let him breath.
"you're brave but stupid. I don't want it to end. I want THIS to end. "he waved his arm to indicate the farm
Shep liked having Davis on him. He was so hot. Not just the body but Him, Davis. They talked about everything. String theory, motorcycles, even Anime. He loved this guy. He stared at this wonderful man. Did he see fear in his eyes? Were those tears?
Sep freed his arm and pulled Davis on top of him. They Lay there till the light started to fade.
"Hey Putos." They jumped, "Boss want's to see you."
They got to the office ashamed. neither wanted to look at the other.
"Of all the…" Boss, the owner of the farm was red. "My two best…" He took a breath and said, "I want the two of you faggots off my ranch Now!"
They turned to leave and heard, "The hay! Animal's have to eat that."
They left and started to walk to the quarters. There was a large ruckus, and they heard a crashing. "I think that was my laptop." Shep looked at Davis.
"I need to see" said Davis and lead him quietly around to the back of the building. He peeked in. "No it was mine." he whispered. Shep peeked in and saw all their belongings strewn around the room. Their underwear strung together and he could see most of their cloths being used to fuel the fire. Needless since it was still in the mid 60's.
Shep had to trip Davis to stop him. "It's just stuff. I had some important things there too. Let it go. Do you have your keys?"
"Good Run."
"Buena Vista."
They got to the cars Suprised no one was following. "Why Buena Vista?"
"I like it there and we have a whole week to have the time of our lives."
Davis gave Shep a quick kiss and they drove off to a good life.

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