Friday, March 8, 2013


March 8, 2013

The little blue creature looked out from his hiding place to see Kevin holding a plastic toy that he guessed was supposed to be him.
"Jigger, what’s up?" The voice gave him a start.
"'Lo, Tiko. I'm looking at the result of a marketing mistake."
"'Me see." he said pushing Jigger from the opening in the wall.
Keven was staring at the blue thing in his hand. It had a round body, a long neck and a disk with adhesive on the bottom. It looked like the Gooli, sort of. His eyes watered from anger and joy. Joy for being able to see his imagination come to life, angry because it looked so stupid. When he finally composed himself he thought he heard a high chittering.
"Tiko stop." Jigger tried to calm his purple friend.
"Sorry." he said after a sorely needed inhale. "It's so funny, He's captured the real you."
Keven put the doll on his desk a little harder than he expected and the head began to jiggle back and forth. The chittering started again.
Tiko this isn't funny, stop it."
"It's not like he'll hear us."
"He does hear you, look"
Kevin was on his feet looking for the source of the noise.
"Well, I'll be boogered."
"We need to tell the Up-Ups."
"They know, that's why I'm here. That's why the toy looks so bad."
"You jinxed it?"
"Marla did. They were making it in china."
"Marla is beyond now."
"The Jinx opened the door."
"It shouldn't have taken that much, unless he sent the real drawing."
"He did, a good one.”
“She jinxed it then so we are safe" Jigger could hear the doubt in Ticko's voice.
"let me show you what's happened.”
That night the two of them snuck out of hiding and crawled into Kevin though his nose.
Okay lets see if I can remember how to drive this thing, They change so much after puberty."
'Mm think this is a good time for a self beyonding. The letter could be something easy like Yoiks, or Jinkees"
"no, he was a nice person when he was little and I think he still is."
"no one believs that. He mamed four people, would have killed them if he had been taller. So why is it so dark?"
“Oh let me open the eyes. "
Kevin, now occupied by Jigger and Tiko opened his eyes got off the bed and looked around. The walls were layered top to bottom with images of Jigger.
"And his mom still thinks she safe? This is obsessive," said Ticko.
"No one believed him or in him. I think that is why he can see us."
"We are not playthings or instant companions. We are fierce warriors from the land of HiHi-Co.
Tiko," Jigger's voice had gone soft. "he was a kid when he saw me."
"Obsessive kid. these drawings look so lifelike and so real."
well that's the thing I've been losing power because of him I didn't tell anyone this but I visited him a lot. He taught me things. Things I didn't know, emotions .
Kevin's body sneezed and the two flew out of his nose.
"He's rejected us?"

Kevin woke and found himself standing. staring at one of the posters he drew of his childhood imaginary friend. he looked down and there it was. the Gooli, his friend Jigger and another a purple one.
"What? he can't see us, how can he see us?" Tiko began to shake.
"Tiko, please calm down, now is not the time."
"It'll never be time if you keep giving people the sight to see us."
"I didn't He just had it."
“Jigger Your real" he exclaimed.
"yes for now go back to bed and dream of the times we spent together. Your images are amazing.”
“I'm going to write childrens books about the Gooli"
"Please don't..." he was interrupted by Tiko. I think you should write those books, and I'll try to get more of my friends to model for you.
Tiko stood on the remains of the capitol building. His size and solidity a great thing. He was small like all Goolli now he was the size of a person. The Gooli were victorious because no one even saw the warnings Keven put in his book. He was sent to the beyond right after the book won its awards. The people loved them and before long they fell to their spell and were put down like cattle. They were actually, humans, cattle. The Gooli ate well on people. Humans brought down by their affect cute had on them. so sad.
[NOTE: I fell asleep twice, it's late and I had to end it]

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  1. This one is a bit spotty. I didn't find time to write it until just before bed. I fell asleep twice and figured I'd plot the end