Tuesday, March 12, 2013


March 12, 2013

The song came from her chest. The ache it left was dear to her. And the sheep she tended gathered to hear her sing it. When she was done she saw that they had all gathered to her, even killer the spotted sheep that liked to fight.
Killer was her favorite. He reminded her of what she wanted to be mostly. A warrior. "Girl," her mother would say, "Girl you cannot be a warrior, it is for the men folk. Tend sheep learn to churn and how to make good cheese and cull your men folk to support you.
"Girl," her father would say, "Girl, Men are a dime a dozen. They don't live long lives. If you fight you will give up your greatest gift."
"Girl," she said under her breath. "Children aren't what I want to give to the world. We lead men but they use the sword and move like the deer when they run. They fight and it looks like love or something even greater. Women work hard and supply stability for men, it's important. And children, we offer children. Seven brothers I have and none worry for their care. A woman will give that to them.
I don't wish to give them care and safety. I want to live like they do."
She pet Killer and watched the other sheep move back to pasture. "Killer, how do you make yourself accepted by the others. You fight everything and they still love you."
He responded with a soft bleat and took off through the flock to jump at butterflies.
Night fell and she settled down with the animals to sleep, Killer near by.
She woke to the bleating of scared sheep. It was hard to rise they all pressed on her for protection. All except Killer. Killer and a wolf were squaring off. Killer looked bigger somehow, fierce. The wolf lunged and killer rolled and tossed the wolf. Both were instantly back on their feet. Wolf a bit faster attacked again and Killer moved, only getting scratched but caught Wolf's tail in his teeth making it yelp.
The wolf attacked, Killer defended and when the wolf's gaurd dropped Killer was on it again. No sheep should ever act like this. She knew it. It was wrong. She leaped yelling to Killer telling him to run. Twice the wolf caught him on the neck but Killer was able to keep it from getting too solid a grip.
"Stop you stupid animal you can't win." She leaped over sheep and pushed some aside. her staff in hand. She got there a bit too late. Killer had done like the wolf and bit into it's neck. Somehow he got under the wolf's head and was biting for all it's worth on the wolf's neck, crushing the wind pipe.
The wolf broke free and took off back to the trees. Killer baaed in defiance looked at her and when he saw she was pleased fell.
She didn't let them eat her friend. She buried him and gave honors to him. She understood the lesson of Killer. She knew why he was given to her and knew the gifts. Her gift of song. She left that night and found the wolf's tracks. Killer did things his way. He died. But he died being true to himself. She didn't care about the sheep. She found a camp of men and fought them until they agreed to teach her. She afterall had three wolf cubs. When asked her name she said "Girl".

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