Sunday, March 24, 2013


I'm going to apologize for this one in advance.

Now Sit and breathe. Nallia walked around the circle of men and women. Her dark skin making the contrast between light and shadow even more extreme than her paler clients. The large beads on her wrist and ankles clacked and rattles as she moved.
“Now together.” Everyone in unison inhaled and exhaled.
“Again. In. with a sound exhale.” Every one made a moan.
“Again, in. Really go deep out.” She smiled as half of them made noises like cattle being slaughtered. Except for two.
Oscar made chirping noises. Good for him. And another groaned, like a teenager being told what to do. This second one was Pete.
Breathing around the campfire with the stars overhead, followed by exercises designed to “create a deeper connection” and then the relating games. Followed by camping. Many would sleep out of their tents. Others would “sleep” in their tents, celebrating their new connections. This Pete guy, however, was there for real.
He talked and played but he watched too. He looked for a connection but what kind.
“Petah, Come wit me.” He looked over as everyone was getting ready for what ever natural bonding was going to ocurre and walked over to her head tilted to one side eyes questioning.
“How are you feeling?”
“good” the word was short.
“Good?” Nallia spocked an eyebrow.
“Well,” he paused, taking a breath, “yeah. It’s fun, I don’t buy all the close woo woo.”
“then why you here?”
His eyes closed and his breath became shallow, “I wanted to come to check it out.”
She noticed his eyes glaze over. “Let me drop the forced accent for a moment.” Her accent shifted to a much lighter version of what she was saying. “What are you doing here really?”
“I told you.”
“Okay, I believe you.” She looked. He might be someone who could assend it hadn’t happened in over 150 years. If she found the one she’d win the bet, and the Order would have a new member. They needed people desperately. “What is your full name.”
“Can you just call me Pete?”
“If you want, but why the resistance?”
He rolled his eyes and with a sigh pulled out his driver’s license. Nallia started laughing. “Your parents were cruel.”
“Tell me about it. Peter Richard Johnson what a fun name to go to school with.”
“Teased were you?”
“At first then I started playing stupid and it lost some of it’s fun”
“You seem fine.”
“I’m not, that’s another reason I come to these things. It’s more than the name.”
“Ah, Tell me do you think these thing will help, you seem to be frustrated or bored.”
“I don’t want to get all caught up like most of the people here. Do you really think they all want to sound like dying cows?”
“Do you?” She was pushing with all the power she had. It was like hitting a dead person. His resistance was more than just strong. Obi Kenobi would not have deterred him from finding the Droids.
“Look if you’re going to send me away then please just do it. I’m done with games.”
Wow he was magnificent. She had to see how. “Do you mind if I read your aura.” He sniggered before letting her.
Nothing. She saw nothing. “It’s dark, your aura.” He looked at her. Just stared. Like she was stupid.
“It’s not that I don’t believe in auras, I just don’t think they are glowing little coats of energy in pretty colors.” She saw it, it was strong. And it was on the inside.
“Oh, okay.” Damn he was powerful, he managed to invert his spiritual system, and live. “I see that. Hmm, yes you’ll find something here.”
“I always do.”
How did you let him just leave.”
“I didn’t know.”
“A power eater, and you let him go. Good for you, he never would have ascended.”
“I still want to win the bet.”
“Well at least you found a way to search.”
“That was an accident. I actually found a way to make 4k a month and work less than 24 hours a week.”
“Who needs magic when you have the gullible.”

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