Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Demon's victory

March 6, 2013

Passion comes from the heart, and we all know that the heart is where the demon AlBeCaCa resides. The students stared passively blinking in time to the BlinkBar placed above the marker boards. Professor Winklebottom droned on for half an hour longer his cadence  following the same rhythm and breaking only when he needed to stress a point. The students scratched dutifully on their desk pads keeping very precise notes.

When the bell rang, the ThetaThreader turned off and the students began to move.

The next class for Morgan and Pat was story writing. They heard of a time when stories were varied, of things other than the Way, and Unified Naturalism. They were full of chaos and sometimes they didn't end happy. Morgan had found an old data stick from back when they were called Jump or thumb drives. Pat was very excited to see it. They rigged a reader for it. On it was a document in a text format. With all the upgrades and breakthroughs the one thing they never improved was ASCII Text.
Everything changed for them then. If they were found out they would be sent to a deprogramming facility and maybe even mind wiped. Most mind wipes were semi successful so they might be able to function, but would they still feel the same.
One the drive they found a book. Not a finished book but one that didn't seem to follow the format. Three acts and a journey with a boon. It was wild, unpredictable and talked of things outlawed for decades. This was unacceptable to their learning but it was exciting. The two lay in each other's arms reading it and seeing if they could find meaning to the odd way that the main character always seemed to mess up the job he was working at and how there didn't seem to be any format for the proper creation of a caffeinated beverage called a latte.  The knew about all of these things in the museum of blight close to the tocis pit known as the Jefferson County Landfill. the  landfill was on display from a viewing room.
They were happy to have the ThetaThreader in this class. It made it easier to tolerate the claustrophobic messages they had to endure. On the way there They held hands, a terrible offence,  that they achieved by clever holes in their bags. it looked to the casual observer that they were just walking close with thier hands in there bags. Not too unusual since many of the students use tactile direction finders viewing Info-Mation videos instead of watching where they were going. Pat and Morgan, Morgat, made it to the story class and sat in their assigned seats too; far away from each other.
"Today class we are not using the ThetaThreaders" There was a gasp from the student'
"Then how ill we concentrate" said one girl fro the back of the class.
"My Father will not stand for this" Said a boy who Morgan believed was the son of one of the city League.
"It's okay, I've been given permission to gave you write a story using all that you know so that  you can see why it is so hard with out the threaders. Begin. "
Mogan started to write almost instantly about two lovers running across the  land looking for a home free of relational restraints. Pat’s story was about a couple that made beverages by growing the ingredients in the ground and then boiling the leaves.
They both believed that this was the best class ever, until their desks when blank. "I see that you are all having trouble. Who wants the theta Threader?"
All but four of the kids put there hands up. Okay so I can't do that until tomorrow so I'll put an Info cast up and you can watch that. I will need to see Morgan and Pat in my office however."
They both got up, gathered their things and went to the office. "You two seem to know more about things than you should." he said once they were in his office, a small room barely larger than a closet. The fact was that it was a closet that Prfessor Behimen  had cleared out to make an office. He found a way to block the viewers so that when the door was open and the light on it looked like an empty room.
Sir?" They both said.
"your stories, you two had some very interesting stories, ones that don't belong in a class like this. Where did you get the ideas for those stories.
"I just made one up"
"me too"
"Well Let me think. He handed them a piece of paper (an actual piece of paper) with a message on it and gave it to them motioning them not to open it here and to keep it safe. "now if you don't know where these thing came from these non structured bits then it is time for us to just see if it happens again. I have my eye on you two."
"Yes sir," they both said and hurried out the door."
Together they read the letter. It was hard to read. they had never seen handwriting before, some of the letters were hard to make out. It read:
Morgan, Pat. You too are awfully close and I know that you are holding hands in the halls and I can only assume that more is happening. Today I did a test to see what you two were up to and if you are reading this then It' because you are gaining free minds. Be careful. I have nothing but respect for those willing to go against status but you are still in school and you need to be careful. Now stay apart a little more and stay to the rules a little better. I hope you can find happiness but school is not the place.
Neither one of them wanted to do as they were asked.They ran away but here was nowhere to run. They made it outside and the air was so toxic they began to cough and have fits soon after.

Designate 2531 sat up. Feeling lost and uneasy. Looking around 2531 saw a white room with only another chair. It too had an occupant. It seemed familiar but who was it. "Hi I'm 2531" and held out a hand. The other just sat there staring, a small bit of spittle falling from its mouth.

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