Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fifteen Minutes

March 5, 2013

He had fifteen minutes to reach the end. Fifteen minutes to make the world form and smooth out.
He turned the first corner and saw three vending machines one of them had to have the gel soda. None. The Combini then. “Comenzi" the cute little thing chirped from behind the register. He smiled did an involuntary subtle bow, enough that she would have noticed and moved to the back of the store where the beverages were.
He looked but no, so he got some Calpico put the ¥110 on the counter and flew out the door.
He drank deep. Native Calpico had real sugar, back home it had that high Fructose and that made him gassy mid stream. Sometimes he caused explosions and that is never a good thing. This wasn't a line so he would have to be careful. He closed his eyes pictured his way back to the station and when he opened them the world stopped. People moved in a Slow and blurring motion. He looked at the opposite corner and the world blurred as all he could see became one spot and then opened again. He moved to the spot. Again and again he did this. As long as he could see the space clearly he could move there.
it didn't take long for him to make it to the station. He stopped on the spot he had marked out and the world began to move regularly again. He made his way to the tracks and found what he was looking for, he drank four of the gelatinous goo beverages and bought out the machine to replenish his stock back home.
Two trains almost in succession kept him from doing what he had to. Tokyo if he could get back to Tokyo and help his sister out of phasing. two minutes to bring her back or he'd have to find her again and she might be spent.
He jumped on the track and saw his trip back, he didn't need to see it the rail went all the way his minds and thoughts could reach that part.
This was it this was making the world this was the smoothing and this is what he needed. please he said and the world twisted and bent trains, tunnels, cities and farmland. Tokyo in 30 seconds.
Up off the tracks. Closing his eyes he found his way to his sister. he got there and could see the world start to bend, she looked tired, spent.
"Tara!" he yelled as she began to fade.
She looked and he threw the bag full of the beverage. He could buy more. She could contact him again. She phased and the bag lay on the ground. The beverages were still there, but his wallet was gone.

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