Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bob, the Fret.

Bob flowed as fast as he could up the stairs and across the walk over. He followed the trail left by the harried bus rider. The fret of loosing the opportunity to get a better job, Bob tasted the trail again, Yes a new job, or it might be prison they had the same tinge to them. It kept thinking to itself. "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this."
The male beings at the coffee house always talked about choice or freedom . they didn't seem to need their emotions. Many people blocked their emotions and made them sour. The ones at the coffee shop they weren't so blocked.
It wanted more of the fat one's fret. It was rich and clean. It was like a drug. He hadn't been around for awhile. The younger one, had less fret, and the one who was with them once in a while, His fret was sweet and fizzy. It was good, health giving fret, but the fat one, there was something special about it.
He was amazed when he found the fat one's sent one morning. Paco the Guffaw and Bud the Bicker were watching Bob worry the rabbits.  He didn't get much food but it was something to pass the time.
"Bob, what cha doin." Paco chirped
"Yeah." Bud snapped.
"This is the one, the fat one I was telling you about."
The two demons moved closer to the human who seemed very focused on getting up the hill. The emotion from this one was different.
"Don't do it. It's bad."
"Yes Bud why"
"I've tasted this before. It's consciousness."
"What, you can't taste fret."
"look at him, his emotions are on the outside. He's dripping emotion all over the place."
"oooo, look joy." Paco jumped at something the others couldn't see. He lit up and rolled around giggling.
"what happened."
"the consciousness, He's aware of his own fret."
"Aren't' they all?"
"Not all of them and many who are try to push it away. This one is learning to flow with it."
The three of them had made it to the bus stop with the fat human. "It is a bad thing. The emotion is tainted."
"You'll start becoming the emotion. I wasn't always a Bicker. We were Chuck and Pat a Sorrow and an angst. We found a couple who fed us with consciousness. It was glorious. We became addicted. We oozed the emotions we ate. Bob don’t do it. We hurt our special humans and we made them angry and bitter. They started to fight all the time. They lost the awareness but we had almost been destroyed. Please don't do this.
Bob could see the Bicker twisting and churning. Lines and dull spots he never noticed before ran along it's shapeless mass.
"I don't care. I like this one."
"Can I come?"
"Are we supposed to get on these? I've never done it before."
"Neither have I"
The bus stopped and the human got on the contraption. It was full of foul emotions. Bob started to twist and turn as it's body was automatically sought out the rivulets of fret. So strong was the fret he couldn't control himself.  Bob barely noticed Paco getting crushed under the weight of the heavy emotions.
The bus started to move and the two demons were thrown to the back of the bus. Bits of Bob ripped off, larger chunks began to seek him out threading itself around useable sources of fret, bits of him remerging as it too was forced back.
Paco let out a squeal he was being crushed by the motion of the bus and the weight of the emotions. The round little Guffaw pressed against the back of the bus and so much weight pressing on him he cracked. "Help me Bob, this hurts. I want off. I can't do this." He popped. specks of gold floated down fizzing as they burned in foreign emotion.
Bob stopped struggling. His friend, if demons had friends, was gone. crushed under the weight of people's emotions. Just a little giggle might have helped but it was gone.
The bus stopped and Bob started to sink he got snagged on the fret of a woman so strong it was like a magnet. She got off and wondered to the other side of the bridge. Bob not caring what was happened let the feedbag carry him. The fret was strong it was healing the damage from the bus, but not the sorrow. Suddenly she screamed. Bob popped off as joy flooded out of this human. a child's giggle was quickly consumed by several Guffaws and Titters that seemed to follow it around. Children didn't have fret. Fret came with learning. Paco would have loved to taste this joy.
Still broken bob oozed around. Fret was everywhere here.
He found another bus rolled in and this time hugged the wall. wrapped himself on a very nervous human towards the front and rode back to the Multi-plex. It took awhile to get back. It had to go under the big line thing that all the cars traveled on. He thought they called it an over pass.
He found Bud, happily munching on the leavings of a couple arguing between two different entertainment movie things. A bunch of light on the wall but so much emotion.
"You're back"
"Paco's gone."
"That is unpleasant."
"That's it? Unpleasant"
Bud looked at his friend, if deamons could have friends, “Yesterday, how much of this fat person’s fret did you have?”
"he was there for several hours yesterday."
"Oh,” he said dropping from the couple, they had made a decision, “It'll pass. You’ll get over it soon enough. Eat something it’ll help. That couple looks to be upset."
Bob went to the couple but couldn't eat. The smoking stopped and he couldn't lift anymore. Bits of him fell to the ground and gathered. He couldn't stay up.
A mother was trying to comfort her disappointed son. Apparently they got there too late. She looked very fretful indeed but he couldn't find it. Lines fell off of her, but the boy. The boy tasted so good. His sorrow was divine.
"Hey, I'm Bud. You're new"
"Yeah, I'm chip, I'm a Sorrow."
"Yeah, you remind me of a Fret I knew"
"Bob, he's gone, I think."

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