Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day one Story one

March 3, 2013

Jeremy sat on the corner of Shewster and 10th watching the squirrels play or flirt, he couldn't really tell. They ran up and down the trees across the street to another tree and then up and around that one. barking that Pht sound they make and then pause and stare.
"oh master squirrel you are a formidable foe" he'd imagine one saying
"and as re you" the other would say.
"I chase you" and they'd run/ 
He took careful aim with his finger and shot, "Bang," he'd yell. and the squirrel would drop, the other jumping up and around it. Jeremy would laugh and the squirrel would jump up and run to the safety of one of the trees. 
With a wave to the squirrels he got up and went home.. 
"What was that," Mrlicka tik tik said. "I though you were dead."
"I kind of was. The Man Youth was playing and I had to obey"
"Why is that?"
"He has power in his pretend."
"Why didn't I die?"
"He doesn't know you."
"I see," she didn't, "I'm going to my nest now."
"Okay. Tomorrow I'll be the chasee?"

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