Friday, March 29, 2013


Today I had my first failure. Oh I wrote a story, In fact I wrote two.
The first one however didn't end well. Stuff happened, it got a little steamy and then nothing. I wasn't prepared to pull another Deus ex machina again.  The Failure is below, and the second story will be posted tomorrow at 6pm. It's called Unrequited and will be followed by another. the one I write tomorow.

So my choice to not Pocus my way out of the story was one I'm very proud of. It's a way for me to not cheat my way on these last two days. I hope you've enjoyed them.


Now the story

Consider this" the man said leaning toward the expectant crowd. "When a child is fresh from the womb it does nothing but consume. it draws from the mother taking time and energy and, from a good mother, food."
He sat up and put his hands wide. "We as a species are like that child." 
The crowd sighed in appreciation. The Man continued, "We consume because we are needy and we will take from our mother, Mother Earth, to meet those needs." others smiled and shook their heads in approval. One woman raised her hand as if she were at a revival. Maybe to her she was. Women with their legs full of hair and men without, having shaved it off for some sport or other all shifted as  the man on a simple folding chair channeled the wisdom of God. 
"We can forgive those who consume our mother to her detriment, but if our mother can no longer feed or care for us we will die. She'll live on and might be able to birth another child race but she gets one for sure and that is us."
More ahs.
"Get comfortable, lay in laps and hold one another." They did Women lay in the bare laps of men and men in the bare laps of women. "Feel the energy of creations start to flow. Hold it there don't act."
Many of the men were uncomfortable, the arousel they felt starting to awaken them. "Toby, am I right?" He said to a young man looking like he was seconds from crying. He nodded.
"what are you feeling?"
He wanted to say that he felt the cheek of this very attractive woman in his lap. Instead he said doubtfully, "The group."
"No, try again."
"Good gracious man, it's all over your face." He leaned down and caressed her breast, and added, "and hers as well."
"My dick?" 
"Dick," the man stood, " I think that a crude word but better than cock,  yes, I'll accept that. Be real men, let yourselves feel it. Do not act, but feel."
The men began to relax and several women adjusted to allow. 
"Allright let's hum," and they did. He could hear several getting a little carried away. This was good what he wanted. 
As he walked around the room he noticed some people crying others in ecstasy and there, towards the back, two how were not following instructions. he moved that direction.
"Feel the creation energy in you." Some began to moan louder. "good."
he reached the couple doing more than humming and feeling, and with the Nerf bat he used as a cane waked the man on the head.
"This is delicate. Please remove yourself from the building. And you young lady for your protections. put come coverings on and move to a chair in the corner."
"Now form two lines. Men on one side women the other." 
grabbed a cart and moved between the two rows, several men were erect or partially but they stood there every one. He could tell several were struggling to not cover part of them. "If you feel shame feel it. talk to it. If you feel joy, sorrow, excitement, frustration feel it. Keep your eyes open feel the beauty of the one across from you. Now turn to the one next to you. Look at them stare at their genitalia. Feel."
"At your feet I put some sheets cover yourselves." Several did it quickly others slower." in the end they looked like a Charlie Brown Halloween.
"We'll dress in a moment. But first who here know's what we just did?"
"Opened our selves up to allow more sensation." most of the ghosts nodded in agreement.
"Really? that's your answer?" He looked around. "Okay, yes and we also gave back to The Mother."
we have tremendous energy in our ability to create. Now I'm going to ask the women to dress first and leave. This is for your safety. Don't masturbate, instead open imagine the tension and the angst flowing into the earth. Ask what she wants for you. She is a child of God as well, more connected. She'll tell you. Now hurry"

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