Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

With his eyes closed he entered the room and felt into the space. Projecting this far was draining but the distance was needed. It dulled the vibrations, kept him from being taken by the entity in the room. Ghosts, a thing of the past, a thing from a time when people couldn't explain the sudden chill or the angry heat they suddenly felt. Now he was exorcizing them on a regular basis. The fearful spirit clinging to the moment they felt alive perhaps for the first time.
When he opened his eyes he saw a bleak room. Was it a projection of the spirit's mind or was it the energy of those living in it? He could rarely tell. The room was sparse, set in an overexposed light that made everything white with hard shadows tinged blue and black.
Against the wall where it seemed logical a bed stood there. On the bed was a body, Berta he assumed. It, she, sat on the edge of the bed crying. The energy left behind by the body was never the thing that lived in the body. A mental set of instructions left behind, with magic in the world there was nothing that would stop it from forming a being [energy robot?]. And Berta must have hated herself.
The hair hung in thick strands heavy with grease. Her outfit was a ripped and dirty shirt she would have worn to bed. Spirit didn't translate into smell to well and that was probably for the best. Berta probably would have smelled. The skin was gray and marked with hand handprints. As if someone had grabbed her. When he focused on the marks she looked much younger. "oh dear" he thought to himself. "Unfaced child abuse".
He had yet to meet anyone who had fully dealt with their past and child abuse was one of the worst  ones. They often hid in their minds and fed these things.  Physical abuse was so much easier to work with in life than emotional. After life Fu-uhk. If she didn't practice craft he should be fine, if she did he'd have to charge his client extra for the time to heal.
Ghosts, I hate doing ghosts, things aren't even real, they just think they are.
He took a deep breath and spoke, "Birta." Nothing. {Like hell am i touching this one}, "Birta." he said a little louder. His words bounced on the wall, little golden spots. A good sign.
He stood for a moment. He had to break through the mental shield. The song he was given to sing. The lullaby her mother sang to her to calm her. "The sun shines even when there's rain" he began. The words started to flash. The figure seemed to stiffen more. "Sing to me of your pain". The walls got brighter the shadows sharper. {Damn this is her projection}.
It was going to be tough, very tough. He needed to find a seed. Everyone had one. on thing they liked about themselves. "You know I love you Sunshine"
And then Birta stood and turned. Her eyes were sunken, she was impossibly thin, nothing but bones. Her breasts were small thin and long. Her fingers began to grow and her hair began to flail. {Yeah, I get a nerd girl.} In front of him he projected the image of staff. and for luck sharpened the ends to cut. She attacked, no warning. The staff clattered to the ground {hmm, I'm getting better at that, it made noise.} Her hair was strong it beat at him repeatedly pushing him back towards a wall. He saw the claws growing on her hands.
It was time to use the trump card. Maybe it could weaken her. This was a wounded spirit. one that grew on the shame and hate. it was cold and heartless but there was love. The song and the room, their room, and the small mark. on her cheek. the place she loved for his client to touch. This thing couldn't help but eat a little love.
"Benny sent me." She paused her hair drooping, her breasts filled a little. {Wait, Burty and Benny... Oh shit} The humor he found in the names would be felt. It was about them It was them and he connected and she was pissed. She attacked with a new fervor. His magic was strong and he fought but this was her territory. He also had words "Benny loves you" and song "The sun shines" He needed more. he needed to get her to at least slow down enough to act. But the weapons the things to bring the love out were just making it worse. he noticed the handprints moving to her pelvis. The image swirled and twisted. Her genitalia looked like it was dripping, melting like wax from her body. She had been abused in one of the worst way's. He tried the song again. He had to hurry he was getting tired. She never would. She could damage him enough and this was her only chance and his. He tried the song again. the prints twisted, shadows, echos of hands and fists hitting her. Her crotch stwisted in agony fire grew.
She seemed younger. and a blackend lump kept falling from her vagina. Voices started. Whispers. Than she spoke. "come on baby we only want to see how you've grown".
He'd gotten used to messed up shit. but this was more than he'd ever had to witness. The replay of her hell. Not a single incidence but one that happened repatedly. He was in her space he was in the hell she lived in. once but repeatedly.  He was getting sucked in. he could get lost in here.
"It wasn't just your dad, your mom was there too. They put it in you then beat the baby out of you"
He had never felt so much despair, self hate, and evil. No wonder the cancer was so strong. "Benny will still love you." More screams. the heat of it ate at him. "They were ass holes. They don't deserve your love." She was a spirit there was little chance for growth but putting the good bits in charge for a moment, all they could, she could revert to a contained state.
She raged. Then everything collapsed. The room was sucked into her revealing the same room but in faded colors. The real room. His staff was still there. He picked it up placed on the wall near the window. touched a button and it opened.
"Birty, you need to go in here. You'll hurt the one who loves you if you don't."
She looked, said, "Don't tell" and lost control. He spun the open staff and it sucked her in.
"is she free?" Benny asked looking very hopeful.
"Im sorry, I had to cage her."
"What? Why?"
"She had a lot to deal with, her parent's are not the people you think they are."
"Did her dad do something?"
"I promised I wouldn't say anything about who or what, except that people fail and they put masks. She was strong, her mask was to hide the pain. When you guys came to see me. three years ago I sent you away because she didn't want to work on her stuff. I know why now. It killed her.
Your love was the only thing she had to keep her sane. She didn't want to believe in it but it was the only part of her that remained healthy."
Benny touched his cheek.
"I'd suggest you move. The spell will hold for a while but I'll have to find away to move that bit of temporal space, no extra charge."
After Benny left The Coach sat back and asked Grimlit, "you think there's peace for these poor things?" The creature just shrugged and jumped in his lap and fell asleep.  

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