Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pot Pies

Marry's grandma made the best pot pies. And she made a lot.
One time she had the family scare up a skunk for a very special pot pie. She was very careful not to rupture the stink sack but she made it and we can say it wasn't half bad. We were afraid to try it but we had rattler, and bear, we even had opossum. They were all good. Some not as good as others and cinnamon or anise tended to lighten any gamey taste.  This one, the skunk one, was better than the giraffe one. Marry's Grand mother made 25 pies out of that meat. I remember because she served them cold often on a bed of saffron rice. Yum. The cold pie in contrast to the insane heat wave outside was perfect.
Well she had made two pies out of the skunk and took the second pie down to Mr Jeffers, the cranky old man who killed her cow. Drove into it with his truck. The cow was still in the barn at the time too. Said it was a peace offering. She was going to release the lawsuits, he was refusing to get her a new one, and the pie would seal the deal.
It was sad, the next day he was dead from a freak storm that brought tornados and grapefruit sized hail to his farm.
Another time she actually used hummingbirds. She cared for them and they were just everywhere. So she captured several and made a humming bird pot pie. It didn't taste like much. We didn't see many hummingbirds after. We assume it was from the wind storm the next day.
I miss those pies. They were good. One time she made chicken pot pie for our picnic and we played frisbee and catch. We splashed in the lake and then the breeze picked up and we flew kites and talked about our dreams and hopes.
Mine aren't as good as her's but eat up. I paid good money for that moose in there.
Mmm. It’s good,  I spect there's going to be a blizzard. You two will most likely have a snow day tomorrow.

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