Sunday, March 10, 2013


March 10, 2013
Jackson was able, finally , to synthesize the number of computers necessary to adequately search the information in the digital empire. As vast as the old internet the empite is fully submerged in the consciousness of the human brain. Books can be read in moments, although why when a sym is so much better. Relationships are held between people on different sides of the planet, a man and woman can spend years and not even be on the same planetary body.
Jackson found a way to search it all.
He could dig into personal files and into everything. It was safe because it didn't exist. And yet, and yet it did. He had to tell Diego.
He tried all the channels Diego stayed at. Nothing. The mobile, not that diego was ever jacked out for more than a few minutes. He had to take the time to gather and blend or if he was going cheap the nutri-meal.
Where was he. be patient he said to himself. Humans are still not instantaneous. He could tell Natl3. Natl3 was still on Mars. He thought She was anyway. But she wouldn't answer either. Strange.
Well he had created the Jackson virtual Serch-it-all. Search Diego.
Really? there should have been billions of returns. Real names then. Serch  Di3gØ.matrik-abiforn-USA.CA.90230. Nothing. This was getting spooky. Serch Mr. Doogaly, play2153.register.Jal5o#//Di3gØ//Natl3. Mr. Doogaly, a silly kids game they liked to enter and play. 2153 had been a blast, they almost broke the program by hacking a few of the cuter NPCs and making them attack each other. It recorded it. The file came up, and another showing the community service they had to do.
Records of the other two showed up but accessing them directly was not allowed. Something was wrong. He dug up defense contracts, and personal journals of world leaders. He even had a temporary hack of an unlinked computer, the type those wanting to be private had. Expensive. they needed special licenses. When they connected to send up or download what they didn't have on the unit he could get in.
The rig was virtual and he could walk in just about anywhere, he just couldn't take anything away. Any useful info had passcodes so complex they were based on genes or a catalog of a persons mind. Scary.
He decided to look up himself.
Nothing. accept a simple code and an address. A real address. He looked it up. A research facility. The cameras. Yeah, he could find the other two later.
Camera one. People were running all over the place.
Camera two same. The main facility was in an uproar. people, and robots rushing back and forth. Why? Warehouse cams. Sure. Row after row of bodies. Bodies jacked into machines.
He pulled back. Hacked The phones. "yes sir. the system just crashed."
"It's foolproof."
"It's supposed to be. But somehow it just stopped."
"We can't. it won't let us."
"Is the product okay?"
"yes. so far. Until the brain dies the unit should remain safe. The one's getting hit the hardest is Pleasure and Parts."
"Damn I was going to visit tomorrow too."
"I'm sure it will be back up. Hold on sir."
there was a muffled pause.
"Sir several units are coming back on line."
Jackson knew the other two would love to see this. He wished could at least live the audio to them. He put in a new search.
"Damn they started to go down again. Sir Mars block is losing units I have to go see if I can get some sort of life support."
"Do what you can."
Hmm Mars Block. He'd have to see that. It took a bit and the vocals on the warehouse were getting harder to understand.
BioLife was the name that finally revealed itself. He had to open new blocks to get the info. It was amazing how much he could gather.
It was the phone that he had tapped earlier. "Sir. we've found something. It's a Jak5Øn unit."
The Parts division?"
"Yes sir. It's moving."
Jackson unit. He opened more sockets and found the camera that showed the Jak5Øn units.
They all looked similar. males Naked hanging from the neck, loops embedded in the shoulders to help support the bodies. Lights above them flashing red.
He could make out a number that led him to find ou that it had gone into cardiac arrest.
Then he saw one, arms, moving, well one arm. the other looked like it had been amputated Scars on the torso showed operations. Like things had been taken out. On of the legs was missing as well . but the whole thing seemed alive. The rest just hung there
He put his hands to his mouth the thing moved too. hand to mouth. he looked at other screens and and the body twitched. looked like it was trying to turn the body at the neck. He stood up and walked. the legs on the ting moved.
"sir we think something is happening with this unit. It somehow hacked the system."
Jackson closed all the channels except the ones at the factory.
"yes sir many of the systems have just rebooted."
"5% sir"
"tough set back. See if you can get the last of them on line, we should be okay."
"Understood Sir what about the Jak5Øn unit."
"Does it still look out of control?"
"No sir it stopped moving when the sytem rebooted."
"then it was probably interference."
"yes sir."
Diego and Natl3 came back on line. "Well?"
They had been to hell they said. Everything was dark and diego said it felt like Parts of him were being cut off. Slowly and quietly he used an open channel to find the Di3gØ units. He found that parts of bodies were being taken. a man would look at a clipbord and and remove the needed parts. He got sick.
He liked his friends but after a few days limiting his channels to something that didn't cause too many problems he found out that the "Parts were being used after the bodies got too old to pleasure. He found a nursery. Clones were being grown and the young were put into service before they even had matured. Too young.
He really could get into anywhere.
He loved his friends but realized that he didn't remember his parents. He had them but was that all made up?
He didn’t feel anything was it so wrong?
That night they had a Philosophical discussion about things like clones being created to be pleasure, spare parts or even product testing. He found his way out the door and into another facility doing the same thing. He serched until he had all the centers like his. He programed robots to search opening channel after channel. The serch engine became a virus. One by one the factories closed.
He was the last one. His engine began to fail. He’d won. They systems had died and, he hoped, the “product” set free.

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