Monday, March 11, 2013


March 11, 2013

Davis stood with his arms crossed, and pale brow furrowed, warding off the fascination of the events before him. Mefusta was squatting mere inches from the ground shaking a rattle of what looked like random doos mixed with discarded dads on the top of a plunger handle. The rattle was held above an image she created using a different plunger handle, water, milk, three eggs with shells and her own spit. None of this looked like it was going to help them have a child.
Mefusta began to sing and move in a rather seductive way for a woman of her age. Sixty perhaps, older 93? She was wrinkled and her arm looked like a sloth on a branch that swung with an anger completely unapparent in the rest of her. Her hips swayed opposite of her shoulders and each stop of movement was punctuated with a grunt, moan or once he even thought it was a fart.
When the ceremony ended she looked at the two of them and said, "Mefusta sees all things, and she sees that you need more." She pointed to Davis. Then  to janice she said, "Stay. He, and I must confer."
She lead Davis to the back room and started digging through drawers and sniffing jars. "You want child?"
"Well eventually, I love Janice, and a family with her seems nice."
"NO! Do you want child."
"No, I don't. After grad school sure but making ends meet now... it's just silly"
She began to mix powders and herbs.
"Good, you are honest."
"not really," he paused and looked out the door, Janice sitting on a stool apprehensive. "I can't have kids. I go in next week to see if I can get 'it' reversed."
"Ha. Smart man too. Western medicine so aggressive but effective."
"Why smart?"
"Mefusta needs to show you good time." Davis shuddered. "Don't be like that, Mefusta has experience and can teach great pleasure."
She pointed to a golden canister on a high shelf. "Get that." He did. She pulled another pitcher out of a small fridge and mixed the viscus liquid with the powder from the gold canister. And a few other powders and put it in a styrofoam cup. Handed him the cup and said "Rino horn very good"
"I'm kidding, it rino spleen. Horn good for potted plants. And the meat from right here," She said grabbing his ass, "makes a wonderful stew. Mefusta will only use the parts if she can get the meat too. Rino is tough but good eating.
Relieved, a little, Davis thought he should explain what 'it' was. "Um… Mefusta, I can't have children," he tried to keep as quiet as possible.
"Yes we covered that. Now cancel appointment, drink tea from cup use one spoon and keep the rest in fridge or it will spoil. Don't look like that, it's good, Mefusta used mint and ginger. mix two scoops of powder with water and rub on your manhood every morning."
"Don't forget to cancel appointment. Drink make you happy man for long time. The powder will protect you. Do it"
She proclaimed much joy in the future to the two and they went home.
He wasn't sure why but he followed the old womans directions. The tea did taste good and the sex was amazing. Until she broke out in sores. Then she told him they were successful.
Two months later he was in front of the woman again. "Mefusta is sorry but she couldn't say anything, she could only act.
He left, having set the training appointme. His groin however was starting to itch.

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