Saturday, March 23, 2013

Like an Thrope

It’s so cold. Oh my freaking word. How on earth could I have ended up in another group like this. I almost lost a toe. I’m okay with the toe it’s my Boys I don’t want to loose. Now where am I? There is an orange glow over there. I’ll head that way.
How do I get caught up in these groups? The first time we ended up in a sparse land three of the members got eaten. Thank god I wasn’t one of the more aggressive Thropes. Sheesh. I mean, okay, it sounds all good and happy that we gather in together and try to make this weird life easier. But come on.
Ow the cold is bad enough but sticks. Okay last I remember we were in a cabin in the woods. Hello, red flag? Anyone? The drum circle started. The herbs. Everything just like before and then naked in the middle of the woods during the coldest part of night.
Is this even the same mountain range?
Oh, God, I am so cold. And I don’t seem to have much power left.
These guys were supposed to be different. They were supposed to be supportive and willing to help learn a new level of control. Only good thing about this, if I don’t die of Hypothermia is I won’t have to cage myself next full moon. Thank god I’ve learned enough to have a small bit of sentience during the change.
Awe, come on a cougar, not now, I’m too cold for this.
“Go away, I’m in no mood.”
“Growl if you want.”
Fine, Ohhhhh this part is so warm. How do you like my growl
“Yeah, run off cat.”
Ow my feet. And now it’s getting really cold. It takes so much energy when I don’t use the moon.
Is that a car? Oh I’m saved.
Damn the pavement is colder than the ground. Walk down someone will appear.
Come on. Don’t hit me or kill me if you do.
Oh look an old codger. I think this might just get even more bad movie yet.
Thank goodness he let me ride. Frying pan to fire maybe but I could use the heat.
My god he asks a lot of questions. Is this guy for real? Because I didn’t know it was a ritual, back off. According to his clock it’s 12˚ out. I just might loose a toe. Yes I’m a Thrope. Yes it’s odd. No again I don’t know what stupid ritual I did. And stop touching my leg.
Blood? Where? Why are you laughing?
Ah crap look at that it’s all over my face. Who did I eat this time?
Oh look a cop car, damn the blood. Maybe if I can wipe it off. I can claim it’s dear blood, but no freaking moon. Was it the pot, the herbs the rhythm? Good god man stop with the questions.
But… Town is that way. Why are you?
More cops. I can’t change, not all the way. Even when rested I can usually get fangy Russian Man but nothing more. Good strength if needed, the price however I don’t have the energy to stay aware during the moon.
Wow, nice place. Well if I’m going to get molested I might have just gotten a sugar daddy, unless he’s the gardener.
Stop pushing. I’m thinking you old fool. Fine I’ll go in.
Hey nice digs. Good thing my hands are otherwise occupied, I’d be touching everything. Wow.
Oo a blanket. Thanks. A bath? Yeah I might die tonight but well.
Ohhhh this water is almost too hot. I’ve been trying to keep warm but used all my juice. This moon is going to hurt like hell. Right now I’m going to sit in here.
Oh, it’s so warm. I feel wait? I feel old man.
You’re laughing again?
How do I feel? I was freezing my ass off after some boulder fufifoo’s tell me they’re going to have a spiritual drum circle to call forth the animal. I tell them I’m a Thrope and oh yippee I’m just like everyone else and we can handle it too. A dragon, a witch, and two mutants, will be there as well. Fine it’ll be fine. It’s just a drum circle. Then the herbs, then the Herb, I don’t partake because who knows and then.
Now I wake to find myself being spooned by a strange old man. Yes I’m yelling. Stop asking me how I feel. I feel great okay. I feel absolutely…
Hey I feel great.
Stop laughing. Oh, I guess I am covering my butt. Well that’s kind but I am a Thrope and I am a gay Thrope and yes you there in your underwear are surprisingly fit but hell I’m not here to do that.
A dragon is loose? The Dragon. How do you know?
Oh of course a mage, sure why not?
Baccal is loose and the witch is dead. Burnt then chewed. Thank goodness, I didn’t kill, just had Tapás.
Home?  It’s late, will he mind if I stay. Here till morning sounds good. Here, here. Oh um, well it was warm. No sex.

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  1. This one was an experiment. I like the idea of only hearing the internal monolog. Le me know what you think.