Friday, March 15, 2013

Third Times The Charm

Bobby Baggi-Boote, besides having an unfortunate last name had the unfortunate habit of dancing to music only he could hear. It would often start with a slight head wobble or tap of the toe and then escalate.
Today he was early for lunch with the blind date his sister set up. "You'll love Tracy, you have so much in common". He agreed just to please her. The last two dates had been fiascos, Kelly was a fitness nut and Jan wanted to change the world. So he offered the suggestion of the worst food he'd ever eatin, why not it'd be fun. "Yeah, it's a little yellow shack looking thing. Can't miss it." It was a bit hard to miss this old, yellow shack that stuck out like a transplanted double wide in a pristine gated community. Daddy Bruce's was just as greasy on the out side as the inside. If date number three turned out to be anything like the first two he'd eat here if not a pizza place was just up the block. He wanted to take someone to the Dushanbe Tea House. A nice upscale to take someone he really liked. Blind dates never merited anything above pizza.
So he waited. "noon thirty" the guy said. He probably said "any who" as well. As the dreaded noon plus thirty approached he began to get a little up tight, and the music started. A car honked with a simple rythm; beeeep-beep-beep. Then cars started going past rrooosh, rrooosh. A girl touched the cross walk button and let out a Tweet-twoo. they started to mix and it started to move his hips. Just a little. Then his torso and his legs began to follow.
His phone started to ring, he pulled it out and saw 12:45. "hey, sorry i'm late there's this guy in the parking lot doing a jig. I couldn't stop watching." Bobby turned and saw Tracy, "oh shit it's you. I'm sorry."
"Um it's okay, I get caught often."
"Well do it some more it's cute, I'll try to make it over"
Bobby too aware of himself now didn't start again. It didn’t help that crossing the middle of the rather busy street was the most Beautiful man he had ever seen. Black hair done in a casual "I don't care" style. The tank was one age and size should have made horrific. He could see the muscle but it didn't look like another gym bunny. He jumped and weaved between the cars with the goofiest smile, like he was playing.
"Oooo, You landed the dismount then fumbled the phone."
"Damn, I hope you didn't notice." His smile was perfect, or was it his lips.
"Why did you stop dancing."
Bobby felt him self blush a little, "I didn't want to distract you during your Frogger routine."
"Good Man." He put out his hand, "Hello, I'm Albert, like the butler"
"Oh, I'm supposed to meet a Tracey"
"Yeah, I'm not a fan of that one."
"Oh," he exhaled.
"Your sister insisted I introduce myself as Tracey."
"She thinks I'm supposed to marry someone with a girl's name. The last two were a Jan and Kelly."
"She has a long list then, Val, Morgan..."
"Carol too. Well I better go then."
"If she keeps this up she's got another six or so gender straddling names, I want to be the last. I mean, where am I going to get someone who dance's in front of a rib place."
"You're in boulder, I'm sure if you wait for five."
"Sure but the breeder factor is huge."
"Yeah the scene her IS for shit."
"Well how bout' some git to know you. Buffy?"
"Long live Whedon. Death Note?"
"'Then I'll eat this chip!' Yeah cool."
"I like you, screw all the Sues"
"Maybe, wanna join?"
Bobby paused, did this guy just ask him to join? "Um I'm about to freak out and start letting my geek show"
"You haven't already? Geek away, but while you do, let's eat." he headed to the door.
"Wait, have you been to the Tea House?"

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