Monday, March 9, 2015

Then There Was Terri :SCU

It was noon and  the trees had that quality to them that all trees get during a full moon.  I was heading to the other side. The point where the University grounds ended and the wild forest began. It was still safe several hundred yards in and was even safer during daylight but we were still forbidden to go beyond the Second Line. Of course that meant that everyone did. 

I was heading to my favorite hill. The one I practiced my Seven Points and rooting. I also did homework and took naps out here. It was my hill. Until one day I saw a creature of astounding presence floating about three span above the ground. Her hair flowed in the energy she was moving around her. It was fantastic. 

I coughed and she fell from her thought perch.
“Damn.” a voice much deeper than I expected said.
“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to interrupt but wanted to let you know that you are on my hill.”
“Your hill?” The blond hair rose to show that it was attached to a pale white forehead  with some of the deepest blue yes. Soft and sweet. A straight nose and the neatest patch of stubble I’d ever seen. I began to wonder if I’d switch sides. This man was beautiful.
“Um. Y-Yes, my hill. I come here every day.” I tried to shaw off the urge to flirt. 
“I see and this is the ‘finders keepers’ law then?”
“Well I’m sure I leave my energy here. With an amazing Zoan like that I’m sure you’d felt it.”
He looked at his hands rubbed his stubble and grabbed his crotch then shook his head. “Yeah, I really did.”
He seemed frustrated rather than angry.
“Well tell you what, you Zoan with me and I’ll leave this hill to you in the future.”
It had been awhile since I sat with anyone and this would be embarrassing since the most I ever floated was about a hand’s width and that was after a weekend retreat.  “Well I’m still not all that good”
“That’s fine. I only need to give your energy back.”
“I’m sorry?”
“Trust me.”
“Okay. Then you want to get a drink at McLain’s?”
“Um.” he seemed a bit worried. “I’m not gay.”
“you have the style to be but neither am I.” I wasn’t going to say that what I was feeling made me wonder. I’d never felt this way around another guy.

The next day I woke to a very loud “What the fuck?” I jumped and almost immediately fell back clutching my head. The pounding  was excruciating.  I nudged Terri and saw what Pete, my roommate was so shocked about. One of the nicest examples of manhood standing proud against a six-pack that you only see in pictures.
“Oh, this. It’s not what you think.” 
“Dude, what ever depravity you want to experiment with is up to you.” Pete said covering his eyes and walking back to the common. 
I jumped out of bead looked at terri then decided that if I was going to try to be okay with it then I’d be okay with it. So I kissed the forehead exposed between the locks of gold and pulled on my robe. 
“Pete, it’s not what you think.” I said.
“Hey, do what you want.” He didn’t even look at me.
“Oh Fuck.” I heard from the bedroom.
I turned to see Terri dashing around the room putting on pants and shirt, grabbed his boots and headed out the door. He stopped and said “I had a wonderful time last night. If I can shake this off I’ll be playing at three o’clock,” he paused and added, “if you want to come.” and was gone before I could respond.
“You really fucked the shit didn’t you.”
what? “What?” Then it struck me, of course he’d think that. “No, nothing happened Just some kissing and touching. Hell I was so drunk I could barely get half mast.”

“So you popped your cherry then?” He gaged a little. 

I realized his conclusion was the natural one. I’d think the same too and even though I’m sure I’d be a little uncomfortable who am I to judge. As for the Cherry reference, “Wow, I knew you tended toward the conservative but I didn’t think you’d be an ass.” I didn’t even put on shoes I just left to shower.

Pete kept giving me the cold shoulder and stopped inviting me to things. Terri had a full pass. Fraternities and sororities were always happy to invite us. I was worried that pete was too much of a jerk get over what he saw but as Terri put it “He needs time, and who knows maybe I’ll fix my problem and he’ll see the real me.”

“We’ve been friends since middle school. Even before that, Our fathers worked neighboring farms. It’s just frustrating to think that he doesn’t want to give me a chance to explain.”

“you said he’d be at the Zappa Zappa Chew party tonight? She said.” 

“Yeah. Well keep your energy off of me and we’ll see him tonight.”

So that’s what we did. Terri was amazing. Sure it was weird waking up to not only a guy but such a vision of a guy, but there was nothing wrong with it, was there?”

I made it to the frat house a few minutes early, grabbed a beer and started talking to Morgan. Morgan was like Terri, they’d even tried dating but all they really had in common was their affliction. Right now Morgan was filling out her blouse quite nicely, her trousers were tight around the hips but as expected she was holding her tosser ball. A group of guys warding off unwanted advances. 

“What’s with the boobs?” I asked.

“Stella.” She said.

“The Stella? Volures?”

“The one and only.”

“Damn. I hear she rides the fence.”

“She rode my post all right.”

“Wow. So how long?” I asked waving at her shape.

“Never know with the big O.”  A few practices and some Zoan mediation near Jazmin should clear it. 

“Well as long as you’re good for the game.” I said.

“Nah, I can still play. They know it’s an affliction. I’ll just have to Patrol instead of Back. No big.”

It hurt a bit. Morgan had a group around him that understood and supported him. So did Terri and her group. Me, I had Pete and he won’t even talk to me. Dick.

Pete came up the group, not realizing I was there. He greeted the guys, tried to flirt with Morgan, who told him in so certain words that she would cut his parts off.  He barely gave me a chin greeting. Then Terri walked up. Her long blond hair and soft eyes. And that amazing figure. 

“You done with your experiment?” he said.

“No, Pete. I’m not experimenting. This is Terri, I tried to tell you she was the guy you saw in my room.”


“She has Andromitosis.” Said Morgan.

“Ah that’s gross.” Pete said.

“Well you don’t have to deal with it so don’t worry about it.”

“No man, I get that they can’t help it but not knowing what you’re going to fuck?” 

Even for Pete this was a bit much. Then I noticed his eyes. I had to stop the guys from beating the crap. I quietly cast a suppresser and he changed quickly, “I mean… Um.” He looked lost. Then at me knowing that I knew he’d tripped again, “I gotta go.” and he left. 

The guys started talking about him, I wasn’t sure what I should say I could defend him, but he wasn’t that far from sober so he wasn't too far from normal.  A suppressor would only last a few seconds anyway, it only faked sobriety so he'd be back to his full ass self in moments. Better he stay away.

“I’m glad I stole your hill.” The words snapped me out of my head.

“You are?”

“yeah, It’s hard for people to deal with my issue. You stood up for me with your friend. I see how it hurts.” she grabbed my arm a little tighter .

“Pete's being an ass, of course I'd stand up for you. I also need to stand up for him. He's having issues and isn't seeing too straight. So, i'll give a little leeway." I squinted through a tiny gap between my forefinger and thumb.
“Well lets dance and have fun. I spent the day with the girls did a group Zoan then talked sexploits. Who know maybe you’ll wake with me in the morning.”

I smiled from my gut, “That sounds wonderful and hey, the other you isn’t so bad. He’s a good guy. You may not realize it but you pretty much go full dude. He, you, are a great friend. Maybe Pete will get that.”

Terri and I spent the rest of the year together. She found an experimental treatment in the Orient, and left at the end of term, but I’m sure she’ll be back.  Pete? Well you know about Pete.

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