Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shushing of the Wollap

Once upon a time there was a very special Pudding Wollap. She was special because she was the softest fluffiest Pudding Wollap in all of ChewChew Grove. Her name was Wuvwee and her pink fur on her round pink head and round body was the envy of all the land. She even triied to un cute by putting the most adorable lime creen bow in her hair. It was sooo cute. 

One day while skipping through the Tralala Forest little Wuvwee happened upon the shiniest most sparkly of all plants. It was a Kittle Blossom. Which if you know your ChewChew plant lore you know how silly of a name that is because it isn’t even a blossom. That’s right it’s a fungus, a mushroom.
This one was a deep happy blue with extra shiny pink spots. Little Wuvwee crouched to look at the special little plant and giggled. She decided to pick the plant and show it to all her friends. Pookiepie and Happyshines would scream the best. Pookiepie would most definitely do her wigglely dance. She carefully picked it and nearly crushed it in her very large very soft hands. 
Officer Tickleshine, slim and smooth with no fur special or not, saw Little Wuvwee with her very special plant. Tickleshine was a little upset. She was sad because the pink and pretty Pudding Wollap with the brilliant green eyes and special happy smile coudn’t wait for the plant to melt. And it did.
Wuvwee slowly stopped skipping and then the world began to dance. She could her the trees talking. They were so happy being trees and standing in the sun and giving people shade. 
This very special Pudding Wollap woke up to the singing. She was in a hole in the ground somewhere. Then she saw a thin green shiny Wollap. She had patches of soft fur stuck to her furless form. She saw a very thin and shiny Pudding Wollap with soft brightly colored fur stuck there her body. Wuvwee looked down for the first time. Grey furless Puddings lay there. A basket lowered and Wuvwee was instructed to put the conditioner in the basket.

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