Sunday, March 8, 2015

At University: my adventures as SCU

The potion bubbled and steamed. I didn’t think it should be green. At least not that color of green. The best I can define it as was a brilliant pea soup. Phlegm that had an internal light. I also didn’t think that it should smell of roasted peppers. It made me hungry.

“Well,” Pete said, “I think this should do it.”

I looked over the ingredients, err, components — Madame Lupido hated the word “ingredient”. “This is not a recipe.” She’d say. I’d disagree but no to her face — finding everything satisfactory.  We’d done everything right, as far as we knew and this was going to be amazing; if it worked.

After the required resting time we made the priming circle and did our dance, err, ritual  maneuvers,  and the contents of the cauldron rose spread and landed in the circle. We both put a single drop of blood into the now vacant pot and opened out minds. I stood there waiting. Pete began to moan. Then I felt it too. My body began to tingle. It was like tying a string too tight around a finger then letting it loose, only on my entire body. My head began to swirl and light trailed. I was not happy.

After several minutes I saw the demon. It wasn’t that big. Not that it mattered what size it was, a demon actually had no size or actually no shape. it instead was what we made it  to deal with in our reality. My energies didn’t lile this thing. Pete and I gathered our selves fin time to hold the demon at bay and keep him from taking us over. Then Is rated to feel the happy. It was nice but I didn’t feel right. I didn’t like the off kilter feeling. I was done so I said my counter spell. The demon wavered stuck between my rejection and Pete’s desire to keep it around, then vanished.

“That was amazing!” Pete squealed after the energies dissipated.

I had to agree. I didn’t hate the feeling but I didn’t like it either.

We quickly gathered our supplies and stuffed the cauldron in the corner of the  room  and wondered out into the campus and to dinner. I was starving.

It would have been nice if Pete had stopped talking about it. He said he could still feel some of the effects. I could too and was a bit concerned. Tripping Demon is something we students are supposed to do. It’s part of our growing process, or so they say. This was just uncomfortable.

For days he tried to get me to go again. The ingredients were too expensive and besides as fun as it was it was also too disturbing for me.

It took almost a week before I really started to think heavily about summoning an Opyeit demon  again, he was even talking about getting Heru’win. He finally convinced me to summon Egst’asy. That was amazing and thoroughly disconcerting.

I got lost in spending time with Teressa and my studies. I’d made ia breakthrough in casting and sorcery. Turns out I’m  a rare algorplasm.  Frost fire is hard to do and I feel great doing it, exhausting. Pete is  pretty much a straight up agroplasm. I had to take extra hours at Brodricks to keep my self in supplies. So I didn’t really notice Pete.

I should have spent a little time on him. We were at McLain’s taking a break and chatting over  a few pints. Pete came it looking strange. He looked greasy. I offered to walk him home.  On the way he started to shake. His eyes started glowing and he grew. The demon was there.

I didn’t feel the hit or my feet leaving the ground. I did feel the rock I landed on. The white flash of my entire body wanting to scream passed in time for me to doge the greedy form of my friend passing.  He took in too much of the demon. He was possessed by it. The heat coming from him was intense.

I stumbled to my feet and began the quick grounding and energy building exercise so I could fight back.

I pulled my wand out of my wand pocket and cast a binding spell that failed completely on him. Next I swung the wand in a cutting motion it did nothing more than cut the clothes not pete.

Pete roared and in a move that seemed much to graceful sent a waft of green fire at me. I was too late casting the shield spell. It took and I only got mildly burned but my wand was toast. I ran right at him and dodged as he reached for me. A quick roll and I cast ice fire. I shouldn’t have but I was scared and it was the first thing to come to me. He blocked but like my shield attempt he took a lot of damage. I could see smoke rising from his arm. Steam actually, his heat and my cold.

We only fought for a few minutes but it felt like hours.

Finally  I let him catch me. He never cast when he could grab. When he did I flared my cold right into him. I dropped his core temp by a few degrees and he passed out.

He was fine but the demon had a hold of him and he’d have to fight it for ever. As long as he didn’t Trip again he’d be fine. The demon would call to it’s core, call for unity but it would overtake and kill Pete. I can’t imaging the struggle he has to go through but for now he’s fine and maybe in a few years the demon will be so diminished that he won’t have to fight the pull quite so hard.

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