Monday, September 1, 2014

Spill Flame

The Magic of Spill Flame

Nimbus flapped his wings once more and burst into lavender fire. The Spill magic flooded over Miranda, bathing the beautiful princess in energy made only for her. Nimbus was her’s and she his. raised from children they grew to love one another. They would wed. On the day of her Father’s death They would wed and she’d be queen. She would take a concubinus and bare a son as her grandmother did. Many if Nimbus would let her.
She was getting eager for this time to happen. She loved her father. Loved him nearly as much as Nimbus but only nearly as much. After she fed, and was full on her mounts flame she leaped off his back. Using the magic given to her she gathered the glowing purple smoke that clung to her and formed wings like that of a butterfly. She flapped and hung in the air watching the great beast flap and fly. Nimbus flew in a great arch and returned. He was magnificent. His black opalescent scales shone purple, blue and yellow. A glorious vision that flew away, turned and came back towards her.
He closed in and spouted a puff of purple flame that formed into a rather handsome man about her age. It reached out a finger and tapped her on the shoulder before dissipating in a brilliant cloud of light. She laughed and reshaped her wings to large leathery things like his and gave chase.
They played tag, until the sun began to set. Dragon and Maiden no troubles just them and the fire. They had to get back so together they started back toward the Keep.
Midway they could see the smoke rising. Thick and black. Green and yellow light reflected off the smoke. Her father was in battle. Tina’s green power was immense and her father was a powerful fighter. The two were able to defeat any threat. Many had challenged them and only once had there been any doubt as to the out come. Who was making this much trouble?
Nimbus flashed again and she began to feed on the flame. The shape of a sword and staff appeared in the flames. He was never so direct as to speak like this but she agreed. She grabbed her staff and sword and poured flame into them as well. She knew what he wanted and agreed.
Nimbus circled around the keep looking for the center of the fight. There near the inner gate. Two beings fought. One the size of a child a glowing sword in his hand and a Spill Flame shield in the other. The other her father The Duke, Lord Sebastian the Victor dressed in the armored form of his wife and dragon, Tina the Green. Her father spun and slashed but the little yellow man was too fast.
She jumped off Nimbus, turned and waved her arms and fingers in a practiced cast and poured much of her captured flame into him. She turned and landed emitting the last of the flame. A young man, six feet tall, dressed in thick leathers landed next to her. His violet eye’s still held the slits of his former shape.
Lord Sebastian shouted for her to stay back as he poured a scalding green flame at the short yellow man. When he let up the little man attacked. He swung the shield around it released and flew at the Duke. The duke easily blocked it but it exploded on impact.
Miranda ran Staff in hand Nimbus by her side. The yellow man leaped at her father but changed in mid air. Nimbus, in this form far stronger than an average man. able to shake off most any wound, healed in the transformation back to dragon was impaled by the glowing sword.
Miranda screamed. Her father was unconscious on one side and Nimbus was bleeding on the other. He’d bled before but this time the blood was pooling. Instinct and years of training pulled her hand to the side to block the shield of yellow flame from cutting into her. She moved the staff again to block the sword and jumped back as the shield was punched at her again.
Using the stored flame in the staff she fought back trying to get to either her father or Nimbus. She had to save them.
The staff exploded in splinters the magic spent. She swept her foot and knocked him over. It was astonishingly hard to fight someone of this size, and skill. He pushed with magic and threw her up and back.
The arc was high and smooth. Grabbing the sword she twisted and landed on her feet Sword in position and ready to attack again.
Then laughter.
Her father began to rise unnaturally. He floated to an upright position. The yellow man stood up and walked next to him. Her father began to melt and the yellow man began to burn and grow. Green flame turned yellow and yellow to green. The laughter went from the deep round of her father to a higher piercing peal.
“Oh sweet Miranda, you are even better than they say. You fought off Phil there even after he consumed Your father’s Tina.” The yellow man, who had worn the shape of her father jumped on to the back of the man shaped creature as it continued to change to a full sized yellow. The flames of Tina finally turning to a lime green, soon they’d be absorbed and the Yellow more powerful for it.
She ran to Nimbus, her sword clattering to the ground. He had to wake. he had to use his magic to change back. she couldn’t do it. If she was fully charged she could change him but it wouldn’t be his will, it wouldn’t restore him. The power left in the sword was for cutting not for mending. He needed to fix himself. Her father was gone, he couldn’t leave too. Doing what little she could to slow the bleeding she pleaded with him to do something, anything.
Nimbus twitched and burst into violet flame. It consumed him and he was gone.

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