Monday, July 14, 2014

Even a one sided love can keep you young

The following is the result of an exercise from my writing group.  
The rules were as following:

1. Each sentence must be EXACTLY one work longer than the previous sentence (excluding the first sentence, which may be as long as you like).
2. You must tell a complete 3-act story.
- Act One: A problem appears
- Act Two: A problem is approached (a response to the problem)
- Act Three: A problem is resolved (positive or negative or inconclusive)

Fucking Tumor.
Doug cried Freely.
His fists Clench tightly.
He feels so freaking helpless.
There is nothing he can do
It's been years since his last prayer
He's interrupted by a knock at the door
"Excuse me," says the man in the purple fedora.
He followed the map precisely but it must be wrong. The mysterious man told him it was going to be perilous. He however, didn't mention the part where the ground crumbled to nothing. He survived the rabid squirrel, the winged anaconda and various other supernatural "Guardians". Now he's falling to his death never to find The Fountain and save Tiffany.

"I wasn't looking for me," he cries out a second prayer in as many days. Doug's lengthy fall ends with a splash, a breaking of bones and an intake of water.
He know's he looks 25 again but that is no reason for this admittance lady's agressive rudeness.

"She was in here with a tumor, they wouldn't have wheeled her out an let her go."

An older woman with the most beautiful eyes walked up, "I'm so sorry young man she's not here."

The rude woman gasped, her face falling from smug to consoling said  "Oh that was Dr. Pasco's , Ahem, special patient."

The older woman dug through some papers and produced an envelope with a familiar thumb drive shaped like the Pokemon Squirtle. It drive had a video of Tiffany and a man who looked much less mysterious with out his fedora or purple suit.

"If you are watching this then our plan failed and I need to tell you I never want to see you ever again. Doug, I really do love you but I felt more like a mother than a girlfriend so much that I just couldn't handle it." 

He wanted to cry but couldn't feel anything for the  gold digging evil murderous bitch who gave up a love that created miracles for HIM. He gave the water from the Fountain of Youth to the kind woman with the beautiful eyes who later picked him up at a Night club.

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